There are two ways you can get involved in this project if you live in Coburg or Coburg North – host a salon or attend one.


Host a salon

In Passing is looking for twenty Coburg or Coburg North women to host a women’s salon. The hosts, or salonnières, will be invited to attend a training session during which you’ll receive guidance to ensuring a safe, stimulating and fun space for the women participating in your salon. You will also receive a salonnière kit, which will include tea, biscuits, invitations for your participants, instructions and your ‘pass-the-parcel’ parcel. The parcel will provide the format of the conversations, offering a familiar playful and light-hearted structure, without the salonnières having to feel high responsibility for guiding the conversations. By the end of the training, you will be left feeling confident and excited about hosting your salon and participating in the activities and conversations it will bring. To host a salon you need to meet the following criteria:

: be a woman

: live in Coburg or Coburg North

: be available for a short and sweet salonnière training session in late September, and

: be willing to invite 8 other women from your neighbhourhood to your home (or another private space in Coburg or Coburg North) for 2-3 hours during the month of October.

To offer to host or to ask any questions, contact Asha – / 0468 794 235.


Attend a salon

The salonnières will be inviting eight women each from their own neighbourhoods within Coburg or Coburg North to their In Passing salon. If you’re keen to attend a salon but haven’t received an invitation from your local salonnière, contact / 0468 794 235 and I can put you in touch with her. A map of In Passing salons will be uploaded shortly.