In Passing

women’s salons on power and public space

Salons are go!

IMG_1072The In Passing salons have kicked off with the first two salons both held in the last week in Coburg North. Apparently they were loads of fun and catalysed great dialogue. One of the salonniéres’ daughter told me that her mum and friends were laughing really loud. That’s what we like to hear – great conversations about serious issues interspersed with belly laughs.

There are still opportunities to host an In Passing salon in your home for your friends and neighbours, so get in touch if you’re intrigued.

Thanks to our supporters

Down at the In Passing headquarters, under the mounds of wrapping paper, we’re glowing with gratitude because In Passing has recently received support from some pretty wonderful local businesses.

Firstly, Impact Digital, Brunswick’s environmentally sustainable & carbon neutral digital printer has printed our Comeback Cards* at no cost again! They did supported the project in this way last year, and we’re so grateful that they were able to do it again.

Secondly, Terra Madre, our favourite organic and health food store has generously donated a pack of biscuits for each salon – that’s 20 packs of biscuits to fuel discussions amongst approximately 140 women! Amazing!

Thirdly, Loving Earth has lovingly gifted something for each salon too – but we have to keep a bit hush hush about this until after the salons because we don’t want to give anything away!

Fourthly, Blackhearts & Sparrows has provided a huge discount on bottles of wine which we’re giving as gifts to the salonniéres & their households for lending their homes for an In Passing salon – the salonniére’s households tend to make themselves absent for the 2-3 hour salon for the sake of privace, so we like to thank them for their trouble.

Pretty amazing bunch of businesses we’ve got supporting In Passing, aren’t they? And there are actually a few more salonniére spots available so if you’re keen to get your paws on some of this booty, you just need to host a game of pass the parcel for your friends and family – get in touch and we’ll give you the rundown on what’s involved.


Wrapping paper please!

In Passing involves a mountain of wrapping paper. If anyone has any spare/used wrapping paper that’s been cluttering up a cupboard for too long, we’d be very happy to take it off your hands. Used wrapping paper would be great as we’re keen to reduce the environmental impact of this project. Or if your kids have outgrown the roll of cutesy paper you bought last year, or you don’t want to use the same christmas wrapping paper this year, feel free to pass that on too.

Last year a few salonniéres and local businesses set up ‘wrapping paper drop off points’ in their work places and put a call out for colleagues to bring used wrapping paper in to donate to In Passing, which was really helpful. If you’re up for doing that, get in touch and we’ll come pick it up from your work place or home.



Pass the parcel for grown ups? You know you wanna!

Twelve Coburg women have already signed up to host a pass the parcel session for their neighbours and friends. We’re looking for eight more to make it a neat 20 In Passing salons. Now’s the time to put your hands up if you’re interested as the salonniére briefing, where you’ll find out everything you need to know to be the ultimate pass-the-parcel host, is happening in a fortnight’s time!

Call out for salonniéres

In Passing is looking for twenty salonnières to host one women’s salon each during the month of October.

As a salonnière, you won’t need to know anything about the issues being discussed, nor do you need to know how to pronounce salonnière. All you need is to

: be a woman

: live in Coburg or Coburg North

: be available for a short and sweet salonnière training session in late September, and

: be willing to invite 8 other women to your home (or another private space in Coburg or Coburg North) for 2-3 hours during the month of October.

At the salonnière’s training, you’ll be receive guidance to ensuring a safe, stimulating and fun space for the women involved. You will also receive a salonnière kit, which will include tea, biscuits, invitations for your participants, instructions and your ‘pass-the-parcel’ parcel. The parcel will provide the format of the conversations, offering a familiar playful and light-hearted structure, without the salonnières having to feel high responsibility for guiding the conversations. By the end of the training, you will be left feeling confident and excited about hosting your salon and participating in the activities and conversations it will bring.

If you have any questions or would like to host a salon, please get in touch with Asha – / 0468 794 235.

Patsys salon

In Passing comes to Coburg and Coburg North

We’re happy to report the wonderful news that a second iteration of In Passing has been joint funded by Arts Victoria and Moreland City Council!

We’re now starting to look for our 20 salonniéres in Coburg and Coburg North to host salons in October this year. Salonniére trainings will take place in the second half of September. Head to the In Passing Salons page to find out all you need to know about becoming an In Passing salonniére.

We’re also going to be starting to collect used wrapping paper to reduce the project’s environmental footprint. Please get in touch if you’ve got any lying around taking up space in a cupboard, or if you / your work place is willing to act as a wrapping paper drop off point: hello[at] .

In Passing Report


The In Passing report documents the project intentions, development, happenings, outcomes and reflections. If you think you’d like to participate in In Passing when it happens again, please DON’T read it – it will spoil the surprise. Instead, just look at the pretty pictures below and read the ‘about’ and ‘salons’ pages of this website.

Edit August 2014: Said report has been removed in the lead up to the next round of In Passing to prevent any party pooping. If you’d like to request a copy of the In Passing 2013 report, contact 

More pics

Here are some more pictures from another salon to keep you distracted while you wait for the report. You’re only getting to see the images that won’t spoil things for you should you wish to participate in a salon when In Passing happens again in the second half of the year.





writing about wrapping

The In Passing report will be finished sometime in the next few weeks, and will appear here when it’s fully baked.

We’re also plotting to do another iteration of In Passing in the second half of this year, but haven’t decided where to locate it yet. If you’d like it to happen in your neighbourhood in Melbourne… or Australia, or the world for that matter, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. If you participated in this first round of In Passing and would like to support it happening again, we’d love a letter of support that we can include in our funding applications.

And that’s a wrap

Here are some of the photos from the eighteen In Passing salons that were held across Brunswick. Hopefully these pics don’t give too much away for anyone who may participate in another iteration of the project, which we’re hoping will happen in the second half of this year.

dominique salon sml

Patsys salon

jodee 2

jodee sml

kathryn 1

kathryn 2

kathryn 3

lenka 1

lenka 2

lenka 3

lenka salon

megan 1

megan 2

megan 3



ronnie 2

ronnie 3

ronnie 4

suzanne 1

suzanne 2

suzanne 3

suzanne 4

suzanne 5

suzanne 6

suzanne 7

suzanne 8

hannah salon sml

hannah salon 2 sml

hannah salon 3 sml

hannah salon 4 sml