Down at the In Passing headquarters, under the mounds of wrapping paper, we’re glowing with gratitude because In Passing has recently received support from some pretty wonderful local businesses.

Firstly, Impact Digital, Brunswick’s environmentally sustainable & carbon neutral digital printer has printed our Comeback Cards* at no cost again! They did supported the project in this way last year, and we’re so grateful that they were able to do it again.

Secondly, Terra Madre, our favourite organic and health food store has generously donated a pack of biscuits for each salon – that’s 20 packs of biscuits to fuel discussions amongst approximately 140 women! Amazing!

Thirdly, Loving Earth has lovingly gifted something for each salon too – but we have to keep a bit hush hush about this until after the salons because we don’t want to give anything away!

Fourthly, Blackhearts & Sparrows has provided a huge discount on bottles of wine which we’re giving as gifts to the salonniéres & their households for lending their homes for an In Passing salon – the salonniére’s households tend to make themselves absent for the 2-3 hour salon for the sake of privace, so we like to thank them for their trouble.

Pretty amazing bunch of businesses we’ve got supporting In Passing, aren’t they? And there are actually a few more salonniére spots available so if you’re keen to get your paws on some of this booty, you just need to host a game of pass the parcel for your friends and family – get in touch and we’ll give you the rundown on what’s involved.